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Boho Styling 101: How to Layer Different Pieces

When you try to imagine a boho outfit, your mind may conjure up original Woodstock attendees and their free-spirited fits. Boho style, however, is a tinge different than the stereotypical fashion that’s pinned on hippies from the ’60s and ’70s. Take Boho Beach Hut’s crash course on boho styling 101—and learning how to layer different pieces is one of the style’s most profound elements. Read on for some fun tips for putting together your new favorite boho outfit. Layering Your Jewelry Don’t Shy From Mixing Metals The debate over whether to mix metals will probably always exist, but Boho Beach Hut encourages experimenting with mixed metals. You can show off your collection of both silver and gold in a way...

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Play On Patterns: How to Mix Different Prints

Fashion outlets have probably told you once or twice to avoid mixing patterns. And yet we see fashion icons and renowned celebrities don a combination of prints regularly. So, which is it? Boho Beach Hut is a huge proponent of mixing patterns as long as you’re doing so tastefully. In this blog, we’ll dive into a play on patterns: how to mix different prints so you can push new boundaries with your fashion. Vary Your Print Scales As you pair prints, look to create a range of print scales. Small-scale patterns, when juxtaposed against large-scale ones, can serve as the neutral element of a fit. Keep Some Same Colors Like lots of other fashion advice out there, mixing patterns requires...

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