7 Must-Have Special Items in Boho Dresses for Your Wardrobe

Need a chic bohemian wardrobe? Here are 7 must-have special items in boho dresses your wardrobe needs.

There is no doubt about the fact that boho chic is every girl’s timeless favorite. Although the style vibes are much loved, it is very challenging to pull off a boho look like a pro. Sometimes we wish we had the fairy godmother’s magic wand that would help us nail the look with just a flash and a swirl.

 While we cannot whip out a Fairy Godmother for you, we can, however, help you with little tips and tricks for your wardrobe that will make you nail the boho look. Boho dresses are present in every girl’s wardrobe but most of the time that is not enough to get the look you envision. There are certain accessories and a few extras that are necessary to put the entire look together. 

If you are especially from the boho lite group of women, this must-haves boho dresses chic list is just for you. This list is merely to get you on the right path. The rest of your wardrobe will naturally consist of what suits your style preference the most.

So here we go with the boho style essentials for your wardrobe.

1.   Ankle Boots in Neutral Colors

We all know the boho girls Vanessa Hudgen and Mary-Kate Olsen. Distressed and slouchy booties in neutral colors seem to be the staple items of their wardrobe. Taking inspirations from these boho gurus, we also recommend the boot styles that drape loosely around the ankles. These boots go fabulously well with just about anything from tucking snugly into skin-tight jeans or mini-skirts. Wearing heels or not is entirely your choice but in case you do decide to wear heels, make sure they are not too high so that you are comfortable stomping around in your boots wherever you go.

2.   Maxi Skirt in Simple Style

Having a simple styled, maxi skirt in your wardrobe opens endless boho possibilities for you. This is the one piece that you turn to time and time again when you wish to craft a chic bohemian outfit. It is always wise to stick to a solid colored simple style so that you can build in a variety of ways with it. Anything poofy will simply restrict your creativity.

  • Pair your simple maxi skirt with a graphic t-shirt. Top it with a versatile vest and complete the look with a top knot and gladiator sandals.
  • To put together a comfortable outdoor, boho ensemble, pair your maxi skirt with a v-neck in bold colors and topped with a sun hat.
  • Style your maxi skirt with a chambray top or flannel. Complete the look with bright lipstick and canvas sneakers.

3.   Chic Hairbands and Headwraps

No one wears headwraps like Nicole Richie, the hippie babe. We take a cue from the boho inspiration and recommend flaunting both the thin hippie bands and the bolder styles in cloth. And if you have what it takes to carry it off, you can even sport a flower crown. Here are a few ways to flaunt the style:

  • The thin elastic headbands look pretty across the forehead but another fun way to wear them is like a halo, an inch or two beyond the hairline. You can even wear your head wrap like this in case the elastic in it feels too tight.
  • When having a bad-hair or ponytail day, glam it up with some funky boho hair bands.
  • For the very outrageous ones, the turbaned style makes a great boho statement too.

4.   Gladiator Sandals

Girls have never been able to find a way out of the flip flop dilemma. If you are one of those too who want something light and summery but fashionable and polished at the same time, then the gladiator sandals have been made just for you. Here is how you can boho style with your gladiator sandals:

  • If you are prepping for a festival or an outdoor concert, then consider styling your boho outfit with knee-high gladiators.
  • If maximum versatility is your goal, then look for gladiator sandals that you can slip on and off easily. Besides, no pair of shoes that take more than 5 minutes to wear is ever attractive.
  • For a badass look, pair your heel heeled gladiators with skinny jeans, skirts, or dresses.

5.   Printed Maxi Dress

We would never have considered maxi dresses a hot item before Rachel Zoe. She deserves brownie points for showing us what boho miracles one can accomplish with maxi dresses. For an extra swag, look for nature-inspired or geometric prints when you go maxi dress shopping.

  • Style your maxi dress with chunky and bold jewelry teamed with wedge sandals.
  • For a casual look, wear your printed maxi with a denim vest.
  • If you want your maxi to work as a skirt, wear a distressed sweater over it with some classic ankle boots.

6.   Floppy Hats

You can do a lot with floppy brimmed hats that are the least burdensome on your wallets. In fact, the more expensive ones hardly ever retain their shape. Besides, a huge variety of pretty inexpensive hats are far better than a meager variety of expensive ones. If you live in a colder region, stock your wardrobe with the felt variety.

7.   Sweaters and Knit Cardigans

Sweaters and cardigans never fail to appease any aesthetics. For a bohemian flair, try to get your hands on as many see-through, lacy-knit versions as you can. These styles are pretty much comfortable to wear through the spring, fall and winter season so they remain useful in your wardrobes throughout the year. Here is how you can boho style your cardigans and open-knit, lacy sweaters:

  • Style your crocheted sweater with a tank top underneath it, on top of a pair of bell-bottoms. Complete the look with a pair of high heeled clogs, a cross-body bag and a hippie headband.
  • For the second look, wear your sweater or cardigan on top of a chambray button-down. Complete the outfit with skinny cargo pants or corduroys and stylish ankle boots.
  • Wear your see-through cardigan over short dress with a floral print. Belt it around your waist to add some more oomph to your outfit. Complete the look with knee-high boots, an oversized scarf, and legwarmers over opaque tights.

So, it does not matter how challenging it is to nail the perfect boho look, with these must-have items, you can definitely turn some heads.