All About Bohemian Style Patterns

Since its inception in the late 18th century, the bohemian style has become a popular trend for fashionistas who appreciate a breezy look. Maintaining the loose silhouettes and charming character, boho fashion has evolved, now stocked with an array of patterns, textures, and designs to choose from. For those who like to diversify their wardrobe, boho clothing is for you.

When it comes to boho wear, the ability to mix and match patterns and materials frees your outfit options up even more. To give you a more comprehensive understanding of what the fashion trend includes, Boho Beach Hut dives into details all about bohemian style patterns. Find out whether you prefer paisley, floral, or both, and how you can incorporate boho patterns into your everyday wear.

Different Types of Bohemian Style Clothing Patterns and Prints

The range of eclectic patterns and prints is integral to boho culture. See which boho patterns are staples to the style that highlights a blend of relaxed and unique fashion elements.


Trellis is a symmetrical pattern that can be found in a variety of complexities and is inspired by architectural structures that intersect design elements, often designed to showcase foliage.

The first known trellis design on wallpaper was documented in the mid-1800s. The trellis design has since become a unique home décor pattern, in addition to clothing fashion statement for bohemian style lovers.


In Indonesian languages, ikat means “bind.” A dying technique and boho pattern, the ikat design derives from resist-dyeing textiles before binding them together. This order of operations creates an interesting and colorful pattern that is well incorporated into the bohemian style.

There are three different types of ikat weaving techniques that each result in an eccentric pattern. Boho Beach Hut explores the three different kinds of ikat design:

  • Warp ikat: In the warp ikat process, manufacturers only ikat dye the warp yarns, leaving the weft yarns a solid color. The pattern is especially visible when wound on a loom and is amplified once the weft yarn is thread into the fabric.
  • Weft ikat: Juxtaposing warp ikat dyeing, the weft ikat process focuses on weft threads. The pattern from this process only emerges as the weaving progresses. To promote an accurate pattern formation, the weaver must adjust the yarn throughout the entire process.
  • Double ikat: The most complex of the three, double ikat procedures result in the most time-consuming and expensive textiles. Both warp and weft yarns are resist-dyed before weaving begins, requiring extreme weaving skill.


Tribal patterns are abundant in colors and geometric shapes, inspired by a range of African cultures. Though not limited to this, tribal patterns will often have a structure that runs horizontally or vertically to emphasize the use of varying shapes, lines, and bright hues.


Floral is a popular pattern even outside of the bohemian clothing world, most often featured in our selection of summer boho midi dresses. Unsurprisingly, floral print emulates flowers to create an engaging, elegant, and colorful pattern.

Floral patterns vary in how many flowers they replicate. You can find boho wear that depicts one type of flower repetitively or displays a vast collection of different floral designs. This pattern is adopted by boho clothing because of its ties with nature and its incorporation of both natural and vivid colors.


Made trendy by Turkish home décor, the kilim pattern has grown onto more than just colorful area rugs. You can find kilim patterns on bohemian clothing and tapestries. There are many different weaving processes to achieve the kilim design, each requiring weavers to interweave colorful wefts and warps to create a flatweave.

Kilim patterns often reflect bold and sharp designs. The kilim process and patterns typically don geometric shapes, though they can also make floral creations.


Unlike most of the other boho patterns, paisley does not prioritize symmetry. This design derives from Persia and features the boteh. The boteh, or buta, is a teardrop-esque shape with a curved, narrow end. It’s common for paisley designs to incorporate floral patterns in and outside of the teardrop shape to create a more visually stunning look.


Lattice is a similar design to trellis, in that it consists of an arrangement of overlapping shapes repeated in a diagonal pattern. This pattern has gradually gained popularity in boho clothing.

Popular Tips for Bohemian Style Clothing

When it comes to learning all about bohemian style patterns, it’s important to know how to wear them. Boho Beach Hut dives into tips and tricks for adding all of the mentioned patterns into your wardrobe.

Include Both Warm and Cool Tones

Whichever patterns tickle your fancy, be sure to find them in both cool and warm tones. Having an array of warm and cool tones will ensure a diversified wardrobe and make sure you have bohemian fits for any season.

Use Sister and Cousin Hues for Easy Matching

If you’re confused about the relationships between colors, don’t fret – Boho Beach Hut will explain. We advise you to add sister and cousin shades of clothing into your wardrobe, meaning different hues of clothing that share one underlying color. For example, if you want some blue in your boho options, include a robin egg blue, navy blue, and turquoise shade. Having sister and cousin hues makes for a much easier time matching your bohemian outfits, establishing a convenient flexibility in your wardrobe.

Keep It Neutral

Neutral colors are at the root of any great boho outfit. To lay a solid foundation for your wardrobe, you should have a reliable assortment of boho clothes in natural colors. You can easily pair whites, browns, and greens with the array of vivid colors you’re sure to encounter throughout various distinct boho patterns.

Boho Beach Hut supplies a wide collection of gorgeous bohemian clothing at an affordable price. From elegant to casual, we have clothing for just about any occasion. With summer just around the corner, be sure to peruse our beachwear items as well. With an additional inventory of jewelry and footwear, Boho Beach Hut is truly your one-stop shop to cover you in bohemian fashion from head to toe.

All About Bohemian Style Patterns