The bohemian look spread like wildfire in 2005 inspired by the hippie styles worn by the popular actor of the 1960s, Sienna Miller. Over the years, the bohemian style has seen classic variations. The swimwear particularly is now more focused on embroidery, tassels, laces, flowers, fringes, and whatnot.
Some creative streaks from popular bohemian designers have also seen banana moon swimsuits gracing the fashion world. From sunrise to sunset, bohemian swimwear styles never fail to sweep you off your feet.
From one-piece styles, cover-ups to bikinis, the choice is endless. You can see crochets, bare shoulders, cashmere patterns, colorful and ethnic prints bring back the free bohemian spirit and romantic vibes of the '70s. Nothing makes you feel more gorgeously feminine than a chic bohemian swimsuit on a sandy beach.
Here are some bohemian swimwear ideas for your wardrobe this year:
The latest addition among the Banana Moon Couture in 2020 summer collection includes the pink Avaya Kilifi bikini bottoms. This design features a bold draping on the sides, with printed flowery briefs. With this latest addition to your bohemian swimwear closet, you are sure to bring out the best of your feminine side. For the best look, pair these bikini bottoms with a cross over triangle top by stino kilifi or an underwired bandeau by dropo kilifi.
These bikini bottoms are available in floral prints in powder pink and white color, just the perfect summer beachwear.
This is another great piece, from the 2020 bohemian summer collection, to add to your beach wardrobe. The Lua Palermo is an elegant bohemian swimsuit in a two-piece. It has a bikini top that is highlighted by colorful and thin topstitches, which add a gorgeously delicate look to the piece. The subtle floral print on a background of blue is simply breathtaking. The top comes with adjustable strings that ensure a perfect fit on your lovely frame.
To pull off the perfect bohemian look with this swimsuit, you can pair the top with a bikini brief by Taka Palermo.
This is one of the most eye-catching pieces in the bohemian swimwear collection of late. It features a long bralette put together with gathered material and elastic. The bralette is your option for an ultimately feminine and vintage bohemian style.
The best feature of this particular bohemian piece is that you can even wear this as a cropped top with a pair of denim shorts and bohemian accessories for a night out with friends.
However, to pull a bohemian swimwear look, you can match this bralette with a bikini brief by tupa buttercup.
4.    Yellow Two-Piece Brazilian Bikini
This particular Brazilian featuring Bikini piece belongs to the Banana Moon Couture of the 2020 Bohemian swimwear collection. This piece is the best way to flaunt the best of your bohemian tastes. It is a high leg bikini featuring ties on the sides that give you a perfect fit. The frilly print and yellow liberty print goes a long way in satiating our bohemian cravings.
To complete your bohemian beach look with this set of briefs, you can pair it up with a triangle top by forto buttercup.
5.    Deity Aroha’s One Piece-Yellow
This little number is one of the hottest of bohemian trends this summer. You are sure to turn heads wherever you go with this frilly one-piece swimsuit. The vibrant yellow floral print with an off-shoulder is just the perfect highlight to set off your beautiful tan. What's even better is that this particular one-piece swimsuit can also be worn as a bodysuit with a pair of sexy denim shorts. Don't we just love the bohemian wear?
6.    Yellow Bandeau Bikini Top
This sexy bikini top is a classic by the Banana Moon makers. The top has a draped design and classic cut to highlight your chest as well as offering extraordinary comfort for long wear. There is just something extremely bohemian in the vibrant print against a yellow background that just enhances the beauty of your skin. Furthermore, with adjustable strings, you know you will get a perfect fit with this top.
Find a brief with a matching yellow floral print to complete the very trendy bohemian look.
7.    Black Bikini Top
Black bikini bottoms in a bronze floral print make for the perfect bohemian winter wear. These briefs make sure you don’t miss any bohemian love, even in winters. The briefs have a revealing cut that brings about a lengthening and slimming effect on your figure. The tasseled ties in bronze on the sides just ooze out tons of sexiness and feminine charm. Also, a great, perfect fit for your body shape.
These bikini bottoms feature a crochet style border with a shell stitching that gives you the perfect dose of boho chic and ethnic charm. What maintains the perfect balance of true bohemian essence and elegance is the combination of black and bronze shades. The bohemian look is all about earthiness and vibrancy, which you get with this little piece. Pair your bohemian swimsuit bottoms with the perfect tops for a chic beach look.
8.    Braided and Jeweled Detailed One-Piece Yellow Swimsuit
The year’s bohemian trend for the summer is fabrics are tone on tone tie prints. It features jeweled detailing and braided lacing with a plunging neckline. This one-piece bohemian yellow swimsuit has a wide-open back and integrated cups to give your chest the enhancement it needs for perfection. This swimsuit is the perfect treat for a bohemian summer.
When on the beach, you need the most flattering piece of fabric to adorn your bare skin. No combination can be more exquisite than a vibrant personality, a bohemian swimsuit, and a beautiful smile blooming under the sun.