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Boho Hairstyles to Try This Winter

With the onset of winters, you might be thinking of how you can amp up your look and make sure you stand out. We have just the best thing for you! Bohemian hairstyles have always been a show stopper. This winter, try out different winter styles to give for a refreshing look.

Even though boho hairstyles are more commonly associated with the summer, we are here to give you boho hairstyles to rock throughout the winter. Let's get right on it:

Crown Braids

Are you heading out and need to do something fancy? Crown braids it is! With a crown braid, you will be able to add extra sparkle to your look. Winters are usually about leaving your tresses loose but a crown braid updo can help you stand out. You can either go for a single braid, loop it around your head or you can make a double crown braid with your updo. 

Natural Curls

Curls are always a great look for any season. If you are a curly girl, then there is not much that you need to do. Pamper your curls and let them be. Enjoy the unruly, voluminous curly hair boho look. During the winter, it can be a little difficult to manage your curls and make sure they maintain their shape. Hydrate your curls with a deep conditioning mask and hope for the best. No matter how they turn out, you will look beautiful!

Beanie + Loose Curls

A knitted beanie is a signature boho look. Not only are beanies an accessory but they are also a cute way for you to keep warm. Turn it into an opportunity to look cute and rock the boho look. There are several ways you can go around with a beanie. You can wear it over a side braid and let the look speak for itself. Alternatively, you can wear it on the top of your head and let the hair loose. The wavy/curly ends of your hair will give you a boho look that is both effortless and heatless!

Beach Waves

Boho fashion is all about looking good but without putting in a lot of effort. The best hairstyle to convey a boho look is to let your natural hair speak for itself. You might have pretty waves in your hair that can be a great fashion statement. To accentuate your look, you can add a flower crown to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Side Braid

A side braid that falls down your shoulders can give you a warm and comfortable look for the winter. There are several types of braids you can try and braid your hair on your own. Moreover, you can incorporate flowers in your braid and complete the boho look! Tie a bow scrunchie at the bottom and tie your boho look together.

These hairstyles can be your best bet in the winters to rock the boho look like never before.