Boho Styling 101: How to Layer Different Pieces

When you try to imagine a boho outfit, your mind may conjure up original Woodstock attendees and their free-spirited fits. Boho style, however, is a tinge different than the stereotypical fashion that’s pinned on hippies from the ’60s and ’70s. Take Boho Beach Hut’s crash course on boho styling 101—and learning how to layer different pieces is one of the style’s most profound elements. Read on for some fun tips for putting together your new favorite boho outfit.

Layering Your Jewelry

Don’t Shy From Mixing Metals

The debate over whether to mix metals will probably always exist, but Boho Beach Hut encourages experimenting with mixed metals. You can show off your collection of both silver and gold in a way that’s confident and trendy, especially if the rest of your ensemble is clearly boho chic.

Combine Heavy and Dainty

In your jewelry assortment, you should have both dainty and chunky pieces. You’ll want to don both heavy and more delicate jewelry at the same time to give your look even more variety. Avoid wearing too much of one or the other to prevent your accessories from appearing too weighed down or so faint that they’re unnoticeable.

Layering Your Outfits

Have Go-To Neutral Options

A major recommendation in boho styling is to have a reliable selection of neutral-toned clothing. A diverse selection of neutral tops, cardigans, and pants provides balance, and each neutral piece will make more vibrant and colorful layers pop even more.

Opt for Textured Tops

Textures and patterns are popular elements of boho style, which means you’ll want to incorporate them into your arsenal of boho clothing. The best boho women’s blouses offer dimension through intricate lace designs, engaging paisley prints, and other exciting textile features.

General Layering Dos and Don’ts

  • Don’t overload your look with baggy items. Layering with too many oversized clothes teeters on the line of unkempt, which is not the fashion statement you’re going for.
  • Do keep it simple for your bottoms. A breezy maxi skirt or a pair of bell-bottomed jeans stands strongly on its own, so there’s no need to try to amp it up. If you feel the urge to layer, however, opt for a dainty waist or hip chain.
  • Don’t double-dip on textures. For example, if you wear a lace top, pants with lace embroidery may be overkill. In the same vein, a fringe top paired with fringe-ridden bottoms can minimize the impact and charm of fringe.

Crafting a Boho Masterpiece

Need a reliable place to start your boho wardrobe endeavors? From sultry, summery tops to comfortable cardigans and bottoms with boho flair, Boho Beach Hut has everything you need to craft the perfect bohemian ensemble. Explore our catalog today to dive deeper into boho styling 101 and how to layer different pieces that effortlessly express your personality.