How to Effortlessly Style Swimwear This Season

You’ve likely already got your swimsuit picked out for the summer, but how about your style? Boho Beach Hut looks at how to effortlessly style swimwear this season so that you can maintain your fashion sense at the pool, beach, or wherever you head this summer.

Don a Ruffled Wrap Skirt

Whether you’re more of a bikini or one-piece kind of individual, you can add flavor to your swimwear with a ruffled wrap skirt. Ruffled wrap skirts are perfect for someone who’s laidback but still wants to achieve a sleek look wherever they go.

One of the best parts of a wrap skirt is that they’re airy. With a ruffled wrap skirt, you’ll find comfort without compromising feminine fashion.

Layer With Mesh or Lace Clothing

If you don’t want to cover your swimsuit but are still looking for style points this season, don’t fret. You can cleverly show off your swimsuit with see-through styles all summer. Mesh t-shirts and lace or crochet dresses are not only lightweight cover-ups, but their materials allow you to emphasize your sultry swimwear still.

Find a Loose-Fit Dress

For those looking to feel a little more dressed up but keep cool, incorporate a short, breezy dress into your summer wardrobe. Loose silhouette dresses are the perfect way to effortlessly style swimwear this season, especially when you plan to make more stops than just the beach.

Boho Beach Hut’s selection of boho mini beach dresses has prime examples of cover-ups that are comfy, breezy, and maintain flattering fashion elements that you can don from downtown to the beach, or vice versa.

Accessorize With Layered Necklaces or Statement Earrings

Many folks overlook jewelry when styling their summer looks, which is a huge missed opportunity. Layering dangly necklaces, slipping on chunky rings, or pairing your suit with some statement earrings is a simple and stunning way to refine your look to the pool or beach.

Incorporate Lightweight High-Waisted Pants

Pair your favorite one-piece or bikini set with a pair of lightweight pants for a look that’s practical and adds to your summer vibe. A pair of flowy trousers is a worthy investment, as you can slide them off for the water or on for a night out and remain comfortable the whole time.