How to Go Boho with Your Tops

We all have greatly been ‘boho’ inspired since Laur Demasi introduced the phrase, ‘Boho Chic’ in 2002. There is something very wonderful and vibrant about the eclectic gypsy vogue, with flowy outfits, ethnic and vintage-inspired accessories, natural makeup and hair.

We can trace the style, all the way back to the French Revolution. It actually began right after the revolution and was a counterculture rather than a fashion term. During this time period, people saw artists adopting a ragged, old style of clothing. This happened mainly because the artists became poor and were reduced to dress with what rags they had left in their poverty. However, people were mostly unaware of the real cause and embraced it as a fashion trend.

The best part of this particular fashion style is that it is so light on the pocket, so youthful and so easy to achieve that it makes every girl feel nothing less than a diva with this. So all you have to do is, when putting together your boho wardrobe, is to select pieces made out of velvet, cotton, chiffon, silk, fur, suede, leather and linen. These are the natural fabrics, which is what the essence of the entire fashion style is — looking beautiful naturally!

When getting your boho act together, it is best to select your footwear, boho dresses and fabric in natural tones such as dark shades of green, orange and red earthy shades, and also nude tones like brown, beige and white. We mentioned fur earlier, which may seem like a contradiction since the boho style is mainly all things natural. However, fur is also a symbol of fashion and goes well with most bohemian looks. If you don’t wish to compromise your ethics in any way, you can choose to wear faux clothing items of fur that are easily available everywhere.

So when we’re talking about boho dresses, we want to discuss some new editions we see in the boho dresses style. We all have our wardrobes stocked with tank tops, shot and long tops. When you want to go boho, simply pick up a blouse, either tank, short or long one and pair it with whatever suits your fancy. Here are a few ideas in how you can go boho chic effortlessly with a variety of tops


Blouses and Tunic T-Shirts

When we talk about bohemian style, perhaps the first image that pops into our minds is of tunic tops. Tank tops all the rage in the boho category, but peasant tops are no longer much in style. Although, for girls with an earthy style, peasant tops are still a precious part of their wardrobes. The best kind of tops for the bohemian style is the embroidered ones. You can also check for retro or vintage stores for whimsical original pieces.

Here is how you can style them:

· If you want to slay a boho-chic look, but at the same time do not fancy wearing embroidery or wrinkled cotton, then a basic t-shirt style tunic would perhaps appeal to you. Complete the look with skinny jeans and a vest and you’re good to go.

· To nail the perfect bohemian look, wear it flared jeans, earthy jewelry and platform sandals.

· For a sexier boho look, wear your tunic top over leggings and complete the look with knee-high, stylish boots.


Short Tops and Dresses

The best boho outfits can be put together with short tops or even kaftans in linen or cotton fabrics. You can also look boho elegantly with flowing dresses and kaftans in handloom. To give your simple short tops and dresses tons of boho oomph, throw on some oxidized for long silver jewelry, pompom accessories, long feather earrings and boots in nude and natural colors.

If you are looking to fill your wardrobe with some classy boho tops, then you must look for tank tops in paisley prints, tops with off-shouldered patterns, and ruffles. To complete the boho fashion bill with these tops, pair them up with dhoti pants, harem pants or maxi skirts.


Bohemian Kurtis

For all those who don’t know what Kurtis are, they are the Indian version of short tops, which are called kurtis. These are also now included in the bohemian category owing to the handloom, old-style prints in Baltic, pochampally, ikat and etc. These kurtis are the new edition in the boho family are can be paired with dhoti or harem pants and even worn over maxi skirts for the perfect bohemian look.


Boho Prints

Boho means adding a worldly, yet free-spirited edge to your closet. You can make this happen simply by selecting geometric and bold printed tops for your outfits. Boho tops come in all varieties and price ranges, so you need to carefully select those pieces that will be the most useful for you.

Once you have lined up your boho tops, you can build a variety of cool looks by teaming those up with chunky and bold jewelry, boho styled bags, and ankle or knee-high boots. Boho jewelry works by the rule,’ the more unique, the better it is.’ You can get your hands on some classic boho jewelry pieces at incense stores, flea markets or even make them yourself. The basic ingredient of boho jewelry is to choose elements that are natural like turquoise, wood, suede, coral and feathers. Put all these together and you will rock the boho look like a seasoned pro!