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Play On Patterns: How to Mix Different Prints

Fashion outlets have probably told you once or twice to avoid mixing patterns. And yet we see fashion icons and renowned celebrities don a combination of prints regularly. So, which is it? Boho Beach Hut is a huge proponent of mixing patterns as long as you’re doing so tastefully. In this blog, we’ll dive into a play on patterns: how to mix different prints so you can push new boundaries with your fashion.

Vary Your Print Scales

As you pair prints, look to create a range of print scales. Small-scale patterns, when juxtaposed against large-scale ones, can serve as the neutral element of a fit.

Keep Some Same Colors

Like lots of other fashion advice out there, mixing patterns requires attention to color. Use color compositions to your advantage as you coordinate mixed prints.

On one end, you can accentuate clashing patterns by opting for one pattern in stark black and white and the other in vibrant hues. Otherwise, you can create a more cohesive clash by having an underlying matching color between both prints.

Have a Selection of Foundational Prints

Establish your wardrobe with the basic prints we know and love: polka-dots, stripes, floral. You can use these as a foundation for laying on other, more out-of-the-box patterns.

Find Confidence in the Power Clash

Even though we have some guidelines for making patterns feel a bit more cohesive, there’s something uniquely confident in combining opposing patterns. Allow yourself to branch out and wear two prints that lack any common elements. You can ground a look that has clashing patterns with a solid, neutral item, such as a dark cardigan or jean jacket.

Walking the Walk

Once you understand how to play on patterns by mixing different prints, it’s time to walk the walk. At Boho Beach Hut, you can find vibrant and beautiful prints within our selection of boho style dresses. By practicing one of the basic elements of boho style—layering—you can explore different combinations of playful patterns.