Shopping Advice for Buying a Swimsuit Online

With the abundance of alluring online swimwear ads, and most in-person stores still hesitant to open their fitting rooms, many people are resorting to shopping online for their swimsuits this summer. To help you score some flattering swimwear as we approach warmer months, Boho Beach Hut has gathered our top shopping advice for buying a swimsuit online. Put the days of disappointing online buys behind you by adopting the following tips.

Determine Your Swimsuit Needs

To narrow down your vast online swimsuit options, Boho Beach Hut recommends identifying what you need from a swimsuit. Assessing what you need in your swimwear will help you make an informed and ultimately satisfying purchase. For instance, whereas an athletic one-piece will work great for laps at the pool, a charming bohemian bikini set is perfect for lounging in the sun.

Invest in Options

When you delegate one swimsuit for all your beach or pool activities, you run the risk of wearing it down. Having an arsenal of different swimsuits will come in handy throughout your busy summer and will ensure a longer lifespan for each suit. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a few extra options when it comes to assembling summer wear?

Double-Check Your Measurements

You might be quick to select the swimsuit size that reflects your t-shirt or pant size but doing so could land you with an ill-fitting suit. Verify your body measurements to confirm your size. Taking a look at reviews can also help you get a feel for whether a shop’s sizing runs small, large, or true to size.

While enjoying the decadence of online shopping, many shoppers make the mistake of overlooking store sizing charts. If there’s one available, quickly scope it out to ensure you’re ordering the right size. Taking this piece of shopping advice for buying a swimsuit online can save you from a disappointing try-on and inconvenient return.

Test Out Several Sizes

Even after triple-checking your measurements, it’s possible to order a swimsuit that just doesn’t fit quite right. Because different brands’ sizing is sure to vary, you could fit into a medium at one store and an XXL at another!

If you can afford to splurge (with the intention of returning the swimsuits that don’t fit), throw a few different sizes in your online shopping cart. That way, you can “Goldilocks” your swimwear situation to secure a suit that’s just right.

As the name might indicate, Boho Beach Hut specializes in all things boho and beach! We have a wide variety of bohemian looks, swimsuits, and beach cover-ups to choose from—everything you could need to create the ultimate summer wardrobe collection.