Inspired by art, travel, and the 70s—it’s fair to characterize boho style as expressive and free-spirited. The style prioritizes your comfort with simple, flowy silhouettes and enables standout looks through exciting patterns and stacked accessories. With summer around the corner, it’s no doubt summer outfits are already on the mind. Boho Beach Hut explores simple steps to create a boho look to help make establishing your style a breeze.

Simple Steps To Create a Boho Look


Stick To Natural Tones

Brown, beige, dark green, white, rustic red, and other earthy colors are a good starting point for boho outfits. Incorporating natural colors into your outfit makes layering—another essential aspect of the boho look—much easier to achieve without clashing.

Boho Babe Tip: Though natural colors and tones are most common, don’t shy away from having touches of color in your wardrobe. You can add cool pinks, purples, blues, etc.—just be sure to veer from anything neon.

Lean on Layering

The layered looked is entirely popular in boho fashion. Oversized cardigans, shawls, and sweaters are the perfect way to layer up a cute dress or elevate an ordinary blouse and jean combo.

Boho Babe Tip: With the freedom to layer, it can be easy to go overboard. Prevent clashing outfits by sticking to one or two accent colors, patterns, and textures for your clothing.

Go With the Flow

The beauty of boho looks is that they can be comfy and casual while still presenting a stylish ensemble. Almost every boho look will have an element that sways with the breeze to align with the carefree nature of the style.

Casual boho maxi dresses make going with the flow easy. The loose design of maxi dresses is flattering on all body types, and at Boho Beach Hut, we have plenty of patterns, colors, and styles to satisfy your personal taste.

Boho Babe Tip: If you want to accentuate your figure while wearing a maxi dress, try adding a neutral-toned belt. Belts are a popular boho accessory that can give your look some shape if desired.

Always Accessorize

Topping off our simple steps to create a boho look is opting for plenty of accessories. A boho outfit is incomplete without a few long necklaces, stackable rings, chunky bracelets, and dangling earrings. Because bohemian jewelry is made to mix and match, you’ll find it’s hard to find a combination of jewelry that doesn’t work well together.

Boho Babe Tip: While you don’t have to wear all your jewelry at once, layering is just as welcome for all your boho beads and baubles as it is your clothing!

Finding the Right Boho Look for You

As our name indicates, Boho Beach Hut has a wide variety of all things boho and beachy. Whether you’re looking for something to wear on a weekend getaway or to upgrade your everyday wear, we have just the clothing and accessories you’ll need to up your fashion repertoire.