Best boho wedding guide for boho vibes.

If you're looking for wedding ideas that are a little out of the ordinary, then you'll want to check out this bohemian wedding guide. Bohemian weddings are all about celebrating love in a relaxed and natural setting, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate this theme into your big day. From boho decor to a boho-inspired menu, we've got all the tips and tricks you need to plan the perfect bohemian wedding. So whether you're a free-spirited bride-to-be or just looking for some unique wedding inspiration, this guide is for you!


Boho Decor

When it comes to wedding ideas, boho style is definitely on the rise. This romantic, earthy style is all about incorporating natural elements into your decor. From vintage wedding pieces to using greenery and floral touches, there's a lot you can do to create a wedding that truly reflects your Bohemian personality. And don't forget to get creative! Think outside the box when it comes to your wedding colors - anything goes! You could even go for a monochromatic wedding using just one color. And don't forget to include plenty of greenery and rustic accents for a truly unique wedding experience. To top it all off, think about incorporating some great wedding music into your wedding day atmosphere. Whether you choose a live band or go for a more acoustic style, music is an essential part of any boho wedding!


Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture is a great way to add some pizzazz and bohemian flair to your wedding décor. Be creative with how you style the pieces - mix in flowers or fabric for added dimension. You can find vintage furniture at flea markets, antique stores, or even online. Just make sure that the pieces you choose fit in with your wedding theme!


Mason Jars

If you're planning a bohemian wedding, then mason jars are definitely an attractive choice. Not just because they look great on the tables - Mason jars can be used as vases, candle-holders, or even drinking glasses! - but also because of the many ways in which you can decorate them. From using ribbons, lace, or flowers to create a truly unique look for your big day- there's something for everyone when it comes to mason jar decoration.



If there's one thing that boho wedding-goers love, it's uniqueness! And what could be more unique than a dreamcatcher necklace or earrings? Not only do they look absolutely beautiful on wedding day, but also superstitious people believe that wearing dreamcatchers can help to catch bad dreams and protect you from nightmares. Alternatively, if you're not too bothered about the metaphysical side of things and just want something pretty to adorn your boho wedding dress with, then making your own is a great option. There are plenty of online stores or specialty shops where you can buy dreamcatchers in all different colors and styles. Whichever way you go about it, make sure to get one for yourself!


Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are a great way to add some color and character to your wedding décor. Not only do they look amazing on the floor, but they can also be used as table runners or even wall hangings. If you're looking for something special in addition to the traditional wedding bouquet and bridesmaids dresses, vintage rugs are a perfect option! There are endless ways to style them - from using them as part of a bohemian chic theme backdrop, to adding extra flair by pairing them with bright colors. Get creative and have fun dressing up your home in vintage style!


String Lights

If you're looking for a wedding decoration that will add a touch of romance and whimsy to your wedding décor, string lights are the perfect choice. With different colors and sizes of lights, you can create a look that is completely unique. Whether you hang them indoors or outdoors, strings lights are sure to make your wedding guests swoon. They also provide an ambient light source during late-night weddings or receptions when candles might be too risky (or simply not enough). Get creative in incorporating string lights into all aspects of your wedding decor - from table centerpieces to bride and groom's gowns!


Potted Plants

Adding a little greenery to your decor is an excellent way to boost the atmosphere of any room. A potted plant can be used in various ways - as a centerpiece, for adding organic vibes to an otherwise sterile space, or even just as something beautiful and calming near you at home. Make sure that you choose plants that are easy to care for and in season - this will reduce the amount of effort required on your part. Water them regularly and give them some sun!


Table Setting Ideas

Setting the perfect wedding table is essential to creating a romantic and beautiful bohemian wedding. One way to achieve this is by using a mix of vintage plates, rustic Cutlery, and delicate stemware. This will create a look of rustic elegance. To complement the look, add in fresh flowers for a touch of romance. Whether you're looking for wedding table setting ideas for a small wedding or a large one, this guide will help you make the perfect choices. So go ahead and get inspired!


Rustic Wood Tables

A rustic wood table is the perfect addition to any bohemian wedding. You can use different types of wood for your tables, such as reclaimed wood or pallets. For a more romantic look, you can paint them with a light color or add a tablecloth. It adds a touch of nature and can be decorated with flowers, greenery, or even fairy lights.


Soft Linens

Soft, light-colored linens are a great way to add romance and ethereal vibes to your bohemian wedding. By using these fabrics for table settings, you can keep things quite simple while still achieving the desired effect. This is perfect if you want your wedding to be relaxed and low-key without feeling too cluttered or out of place. Plus, who doesn't love a wedding that's romantic and beautiful without all the fuss?


Romantic Candles

Candles are one of the most classic ways to set the mood for a romantic evening. Not only do they create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, but also vary in shape, size, and scent to create an eclectic mix that no two weddings or events are alike. For those who don't want their guests to smell like flowers all night long, it's best to use unscented candles. Moreover, you can dress up your candle collection by using different heights and sizes together with grouping them together in threes or fives for maximum visual impact.


Fresh Flowers

When it comes to fresh flowers, there's a lot of variety available to choose from. From wildflowers that give off a rustic vibe to classic roses for an elegant look, you'll be able to find the perfect flowers for your wedding or special occasion. Adding some seasonal elements will make your flower arrangements even more natural and unique. For example, going with potted tulips in the springtime or hydrangeas in fall can add just the right amount of color and brightness to any setting. And if you're looking for something extra special, why not ask your florist to arrange them in Mason jars or tea cups? This will definitely add an element of uniqueness and flair!


Boho Flowers

When it comes to wedding ideas, boho-chic always reigns supreme. That's why incorporating boho flowers into your wedding decor is a great idea. You can use recycled materials like Mason jars or old vases to hold the flowers. Then, mix and match different colors and types of flowers for a look that's both unique and stylish. Get creative with your flower choices - for example, add some dandelions to your bouquet for a touch of nature. As for wedding music, go for something mellow and romantic to set the tone for your wedding day.


The Best Flowers for a Bohemian Wedding

When it comes to flowers for a bohemian wedding, you don't need to stick with the conventional. Instead, go wild with native blooms, foraged foliage and billowing branches that will embody your boho vibe perfectly. Think outside of the box when it comes to bouquet choice too - dried flowers like eucalyptus or cedarwood are perfect partners for a bohemian wedding as they add an earthy feel. Seasonal blooms in tones such as rust, olive or blush will complement your unique style perfectly while staying true to the season's vibes. Free-spirited and eclectic is at the heart of a bohemian wedding - so let everything else be secondary!


Boho Menu

One of the most beautiful things about weddings is the opportunity to celebrate love in a unique and special way. That's why bohemian wedding ideas are so popular. They are all about earthy, natural flavors, and a focus on sustainable practices. For example, think organic fruits and vegetables, free-range meats, and artisanal cheeses. Your caterer or chef can help you create a menu that's perfect for your wedding day. Just be sure to ask for ideas, and don't be afraid to try something new! The boho-chic wedding menu is a beautiful and delicious way to celebrate love.



When planning an appetizer menu, it is important to consider both vegetarian and meat options. Make sure to have a few gluten-free and vegan options too so that everyone can find something they like. Be creative - mini pizzas, sliders, tacos are all good ideas. Finally, serve a variety of appetizers so that everyone will be happy!


Main Course

It's time to celebrate! Whether it's your wedding, birthday, or just a special occasion in general - there is no reason not to throw a good dinner party. Invite your friends and family over for some delicious eats and drinks, and of course plenty of conversation. Here are four tips that will help make sure your main course is nothing but perfect: First and foremost, choose something light yet filling. This way you'll be able to enjoy the feast without feeling stuffed afterwards. Secondly, keep it simple but elegant. Nobody wants an elaborate menu that takes too much time to prepare - everyone will be too busy chatting instead! Thirdly, mix things up by including veggies as well as protein in your selection. Fourthly - relax! You're Safe Chef so everything should come out perfectly on the big day (or night!). Hope these tips help get you started!


Wedding Cake

If you are planning a bohemian wedding, a bohemian wedding cake is the perfect choice! It can be elegant and simple in design, with delicate flowers or leaves decorated on top. If you prefer something a little more bare-bones, go for the naked cake style. Both styles are sure to set off your wedding theme perfectly!


Now You're Ready

There you have it - our guide to bohemian wedding ideas! From boho decor to a boho menu, we've got you covered. Now all that's left to do is plan your dream bohemian wedding and make it a reality!


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