What’s New: A Complete Overview of the Boho Dresses

Talk about freedom, carefree, and unusual aesthetics, the first word that clicks your mind is Bohemian. The style embodies free-spirit with an artistic flair; it’s about incorporating the vibrant and colorful elements of nature.

Embracing the Bohemian style is the easiest of all fashion trends as there are no rights or wrongs. Whether you talk about Boho dresses, accessories, or Boho décor, the options are endless. Also referred to as gypsy or hippie, Boho style dates back to the 1960s.

Bohemian clothing embodies the hippie or free-spirited philosophy. Boho dresses reflect a true love for colors, patterns, and, most importantly, nature. Since there are no rules to Boho fashion, the trends keep evolving; every now and then you will see some exciting blends.

Long flow dresses or skirts paired with chic handbags, embellished beadings, and sandals, is what you can envision as part of a Boho ensemble. Before we look at the new Boho trends gracing the fashion industry, let’s briefly trace the origin of Boho.

Overview of Bohemian Style

We can trace the Bohemian style back to the post-French revolution era. The introduction of the style was an attempt to counter culture. During this era, artists draped themselves in rags as they had nothing left. Not many people knew the actual reason behind the ragged clothing, but they embraced it as a trend.

Some people even associate Boho style with the pre-Raphaelite women of the mid and late 19th century. Boho-chic drove inspiration from various hippie influences of the 1960s and 1970s. It reached the peak of popularity in 2005 courtesy to the likes of British actress Sienna Miller, hippie model Kate Moss, and the US businesswoman and model Mary-Kate Olsen.

At present, these boho gurus are still in the limelight with their hippie style statements. However, the modern boho style is a fusion of different influences, such as sleek minimalism, boho accessories, and American, instead of draping the trend from head-to-toe.

What’s New Boho Has to Offer?

Boho is unique in all aspects, and the style calls for finding your individuality. No matter what Boho dress you wear, you can add a personal touch to it –something that underlines your style. Take inspiration from the different influences and trends, and create something unusual.

The novelty of Boho dresses is their affordability; the youthful and vibrant styles make girls feel no less than a diva. So, what new can you do with the Boho dresses? Let’s find out.

·      Embrace the Bold Colors

The true spirit of Bohemian style is to feel relaxed and happy in what you wear. Don’t go with the flow; choose fun and bright colors. From eye-catching turquoise to vibrant orange and vivid red, embrace the colors of nature to pull off the chic boho look.

·      Play with Patterns

When putting together your Boho look, patterned-pieces are your best friend. Hunt for whimsical patterns, tribal designs, and retro prints. Further, if you find pieces of cotton, chiffon, velvet, silk, or suede, that’s even better. Not to mention, Suzani or tie-dye patterns in crazy colors can get the eyes rolling.

·      Layer, layer, and LAYER

There is no limit to experimentation in Boho styles. Whether you wear a tunic over pants or drape a loose cardigan over a dress, don’t be afraid. Mix and match bold colors with patterns; let your dress radiate vibrancy. The key is to feel confident and try different textures and play with unusual pieces.

·      Maxi Skirt –the Perfect Boho Outfit

A maxi skirt is one piece of clothing that gives you so many options to create interesting Boho looks. Remember to stick to solid colors and wear even the simple maxi skirt with confidence. Craft a sassy bohemian look by pairing your maxi dress with low-profile sneakers.

·      Kill the look with the Kaftan

Wear your style with pride and resolute it with a dose of attitude. Play the gamble; don’t be afraid to experiment. Embrace a Kaftan, and to finish the look wear a turban. How about wearing some embellished jewelry pieces?

For instance, you can opt for rings, bracelets, or a long beaded necklace. Again, the jewelry piece can be of any color, style, or size. As long as it compliments your look and you feel happy, don’t think of anything else.

·      Polish the look with Accessories

Jewelry is not the only item you can use to accessorize your Boho look. You may go for a wooden clutch, a Boho wristwatch, and even ankle boots. The key is to go out of the realm and elevate your Boho clothing.

If you don’t find anything else, throw on a scarf to accessorize your look. Hunt for fun prints and bright color scarves in your wardrobe. Tie it around your head or wrap it around your hat, particularly if you have a silk scarf. Another cool way is to whirl the scarf around your bag.

·      Ankle the Boot

A tough leather boot is all you need to glamorize your flowy dress. Slouchy booties in neutral colors are a must-have if you are one of that Boho chic. The boots, both with and without heels, will add finesse to your look.

·      Don’t miss out the fun Headwear

Sometimes, all you need is a floppy hat or a fun headwear with your Boho dress to make a style statement. A sunhat with popping colors on your head, along with cool shades, can help you cover up a bad hair day. A flower crown is another elegant accessory to pair with your dress.


Last but not the least, you can spot a chic Boho look with a messy hairstyle. You can leave them down on your shoulder or tie the hair in a braid. The golden rule of Bohemian style is that no rules dictate what’s right or wrong. Bold colors, playful patterns, and oversize accessories; do whatever makes you happy.